Anchor tag link to other webpages in same directory is not working

On Github , should i upload ?

your username please

Hey @sara_shaikh,
right click on the link text and click on inspect element,
check there if your code is correct for the anchor tag…
Developer tools are best to tackle and understand this type of situation.

please could you specify which developer tools are you talking about ?

I’m talking about inbuilt developer tools in Chrome or Firefox…
get more details below

Thanks !!

But it is still not working

If you push all your code to a GitHub repo, then we can pull it down and see exactly what is going on.

@sara_shaikh Where you have e.preventDefault();, that is going to prevent a link from going to another page. Also, you should check your browser’s console because you are getting an error in the following line:

$('html').animate({scrollTop: $(getAttr).offset().top}, 1000);
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Try checking the console, You’ve errors there. Maybe they can explain the problem.

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I am a beginner to Java Script . Any suggestions ? why do I really need JavaScript there ?

@RandellDawson is trying to say that, it maybe chances that javascript is blocking the link to open.

Yes I deleted that line and now works fine . I dont know if later it might cause problem ?

Thanks everyone .

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You can literally remove all of this since you are now liking to a new page. The JavaScript was to make the scrolling animation to the section of the page the content used to be located at.

Yes thank you so much sir !!!
Really so grateful