Angular passing form value between components

hi, so I have 2 components HEADER and COUPON
in my HEADER I have a form using reactive forms

<form action="#" method="post" [formGroup]="couponForm" novalidate>
                Value: {{ couponForm.value | json }}
                <input type="text" id="search_text" class="search_text" formControlName="coupon" name="couponCode"
                       placeholder="Got a coupon code?  enter it here">
                <button (click)="sendMessage()" class="button">Send</button>

I would like to get this value out in my other component COUPON

Please help?

You’re probably going to want a Service.

yes, I have my coupon service file at the ready

Ok. You’ll want to inject that service in your form component.

inject the component.service.ts into my header.component.ts?

Whichever component needs to use it.