Angular TypeScript Obfuscation

How can I obfuscate the TypeScript file written in Angular? The reason why I want to do that is that I have a TypeScript file with a hard-coded part that next will be compiled to JS and included in the main.js file. These are hard-coded credentials that are fine for the purpose of the app (Actually CTF), but I don’t want them to be readable in the source.
This is the part of the source file:

const users: User[] = [
    { id: 1, username: 'admin', password: 'admin', firstName: 'Admin', lastName: 'User', role: Role.Admin },
    { id: 2, username: 'user', password: 'user', firstName: 'Normal', lastName: 'User', role: Role.User }

Typescript is incompatible with JS obfuscators because it have diffrent syntax, and I don’t know how could I obfuscate this when Angular is compiling TS source into JS files. Obfuscating the whole TS file would also be fine. Any help would be much appreciated.