Another Random Quote that won't Quote

Hi, folks.

I’m another camper having trouble getting random quotes to read. After trying some other APIs, I am now using Quote By Design… but I still can’t get any quotes to pop up.

I’d like to pull quotes from an API (rather than write my own, which seems easier at this point!), since I have to learn that eventually.

My codepen is here:

Hints? Please!

Thank you thank you,

Ha ve you tried the forismatic API? It works fine!

check my pen:

Review the following line and double check which element you are trying to reference.

$(".new-quote-button").on("click", function() {

Once you are referring to the correct element, then look at your console and check for any error messages. You will see one. You will need to change the url prefix to correct this issue.

After you fix the error above, you will need to go back to your JavaScript code and make sure you are referencing the correct elements for the quote and author. Currently, you are not, which is why no quotes display.

Lastly, once you get the quotes displaying, you will notice they are the same each time. Check out the following forum thread for how to resolve.

Thank you so much!
Works great now.