Any command for my first two projects? it takes 5 hours-

I made my two projects yesterday and each takes a few hours

But my first project was some problem using image slider which does not work really well and can’t post in a right position it should be.

My portfolio project takes about three hours, navbars still stuck and bigger than what I was expected. and it does not collapse in mobile view.

Please give me a good hand if you can find the best point to fix…

and just say Good or Well if you don’t have time to see the whole coding… :slight_smile: :smile:

Looked at both but will comment on the Portfolio.

It’s beautiful, you may consider the following:

  • the black font on purple background is difficult to read
  • the transparent nav bar almost disappears down as you scroll along and is a little long, consider reducing the height
  • black on blue at the end is also difficult to read

Your contact form is beautiful too!

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Yes Pax,

I have changed the whole page more tidy :smile:

Indeed it’s better now!

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