Any good resource for learning?

books, video tutorial?
is that any big difference between the current 3.7 and the before?

3.7 vs now for which language?

Phyton, it’s the topic of the discussion.

syncfusion has 150+ free e-books on programming languages and other related stuff, including one on pythan There e-book for jquery (a javascript library) is recommended on the offical jquery documentation website, so the python one must also be very good.

PyCharm Education edition

Python Tutorial

Digital Ocean


Real Python

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist


Automate the Boring Stuff

Tutorials Point

And many more!..

Hope this will help you…Python Tutorial

python 3 and python 2 have slight differences in the way of syntax, such as the print function or formatting, the way division with integers is handled. For full break down of the differences see

I posted this in another thread but a really good course for python is the Computer Science with Python course offered from MIT

after that you could try Code Academy. They teach you python2 but its just as worth knowing. Keep in mind that while python 3 is new, it is not as widely implanted as python2 so knowing both and understanding the key nuances would make you better programing!

Good luck my friend! :slight_smile: