Any reason why this test can't be pass please help

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var myStr = "I am a\"double quoted\"string inside\"double quotes\"."; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings

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Your spacing is a bit off. Check your results in the console and see where it differs from what the challenge wants.

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Why this message can I know why the message

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Hi @ychris. Sorry the message I wrote was wrong. That’s why I deleted it.

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I checked but seriously I can’t find the exact place to fix it the space between quote or word space???

The challenge wants this:

Variable myStr should contain the string: I am a "double quoted" string inside "double quotes".

When I copy your code from above into the challenge, I get this:

myStr = "I am a"double quoted"string inside"double quotes"."

Can you see how the two differ?

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Yes I have some time common errors are hard to fixed please how can I fix that simple example is good enough

it should be a "double, your code is a"double, so add a space to make them the same

same thing for the rest of the string

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Please the error persist this is it “I am a //space “double quoted//no space “string inside //space “double qoutes” .” That is those that holds quotes (””) are not space at the end unlike ones without quotes still can’t pass it more help

what’s your current code?

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Thanks I have passed the test