Any suggested resources for learning MERN stack?

I’ve been learning React/Redux lately and I’d like to incorporate some backend into future projects. Can anyone suggest how they learned using React/Redux with Mongo, Express, and Node?

i am also in your shoes. i take it you are familiar with create-react-app. i have just started with that. i watched some of Net Ninja’s you tube videos on node, express and mongo. they are beginner tutorials but are pretty good. got me to the point where i could i cobbled together my first MERN app. its a portfolio i am working on it right now. i will dm you the dev server address…its on cloud 9…one sec…so far it has react router handling some routes and is served with node express…my form is sends the data to a mLab db…keep in mind im a beginner with it too please haha…i meant this is actually the production build…not the dev server…

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Follow the udemy course by Stephen Grider.