Any tips/techniques on how to type faster on a keyboard

Hello, everyone

Could you send any tips, techniques on how to type faster on a keyboard in this topic?
Especially interested on how coders behave when need to immediately go down to the next line (from 1 to 2)

Sorry for silly questions

I took a class on keyboard typing when I was young and it was one of the most beneficial classes I’ve ever taken.

Knowing which key corresponds to which finger and just practicing and practicing will pay off in dividends. I’m afraid I don’t know any programs that help with this, but I’d start looking for one that does that.

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When using an editor I just use any newline shortcut it has set. For things that don’t have hotkeys I move my right hand to the right and press end+return.

There are also different keyboard layouts. In the States and nearly everywhere else, actually, QWERTY is the standard.

Having a similar desire I made the switch to using DVORAK this past summer. Allegedly, it is more ergonomic in its design and a fair few of the “champion typists” use it.

I haven’t the numbers to backup any claim towards its benefits but, I have noticed a smoothness to my typing that wasn’t there before.

But, yeah, definitely use the shortcuts any editor provides you as well.

For typing faster HTML and CSS I use Brackets (as IDE) with Emmet (which let’s you expand your code with the tab key, very powerful in my opinion), you can use it in many IDE’s.

The official website is:

Also you could play which will improve you’re typing speed… but at the end it’s all about experience which comes over time.

I didn’t even thought about typing faster, it just came over the years of playing/writing/coding on a keyboard. :slight_smile:

Typing with accuracy will give you the best overall typing time improvement. Learn to touch-type. While you’re practicing, take as long as you need to hit every character correctly. If you train yourself to avoid mistakes instead of correct them, your hands will move faster.

Use your shortcuts. Pick an IDE or text editor with syntax awareness and auto-complete options. This software will also have keyboard shortcuts for bookmarking, commenting, indenting, etc. Once you find software that you know the shortcuts for, you’ll never want to switch no matter how much fancier something else is.

Remap as needed. There are some layouts that people find more convenient than standard QWERTY (I use Programmer’s Dvorak) learning a layout sets you back a while in terms of speed and accuracy and makes it annoying to use another keyboard, but may change your typing experience for the better. Whether or not you change layouts, you can remap specific keys for convenience. As a developer, I use the End key a lot, but that requires moving my hand from the home row entirely. But I never use that context menu key (between the windows key and Ctrl on the right) so I switched their locations using software. I also use Autohotkey to create keyboard shortcuts and change key behavior.


I’ve used several free softwares for fast typing - but for the life of me I can’t remember their names. But if you google, you’ll find one. It’s nothing magical, it’s just practice: at first you’ll try to follow the right fingering (might be very slow if you’ve always typed with two fingers). Then quite quickly you’ll see that your hands remember, and you’ll increase your speed.

I was already a good typist but I pushed my speed to an average of 90 wpm (if I remember correctly) with frequent (and longer) peaks at 120wpm. But that’s for text. not for coding.

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