Anybody help ? :(

Its said that " Your legend element should be the first element right below fieldset element’s opening tag and before the first radio button’s opening label tag. It is not in the correct position."
But i swear u can see it in my image that i’ve already put legend right below fieldset and before the opening label ?? What is my problem can anybody help ?

The legend element includes both the opening and closing tag. So if you want the entire legend element to be above (or before) the radio buttons then both the opening an closing tags must be above (or before) the radio buttons. What you have done is wrapped the radio buttons in the legend.

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Thank u for the answer . Its work now . But i wonder why ? I thought when we want to wrap anything in the element its should have closing at the end and the opening above ?

the reason is that they didn’t ask you to wrap the other elements inside of the legend element.
They just wanted you to wrap the text given to you only inside the legend element and place it above the others.

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