Anybody who has a Discord?

Any one here have discord so we can all talk to each other while coding. I really want to have a friend who is in the same beginner level as me in terms of web development so that we can hang out in discord and help each other while we both learning. I can barely speak English so I dont know if anyone wants to have a voice call with me but if that dont matter to you , come and join me.

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@ronstarcool has set up a Discord channel. @boydjenkins18 maybe he will invite you?

Sorry if I mention this late but I have already seen this post about the fcc discord server before I even made my post. There are some people who are online but not actually active and it seems like no one is up for a voice call. but anyway thanks for the response though.

I’m a go with that if your still on. My username on Discord is:

Looking to get into pair programming sessions, etc.