Looking for mentor and friends who want to share thier knowledge of coding

I need help and i want to make a network of coders. Thank you for your time.

You always have the forum at your disposal :slight_smile:
A mentorship needs to develop organically, or you would need to pay someone for it. It’s pretty impossible to have one manigally appear like this.

Hopefully some will see this and be willing to try 2 participate. Try to create fellowship and a discord group possible.

I suggest freeCodeCamp Discord server

Im game! i’ve been super looking forward to something like that. Not that I can mentor but I have no issues with exchanging what we do know

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It’s not really an appropriate use of the freeCodeCamp forum to recruit for some Discord group you’re trying to setup.

I am not jeremy. I want to make friends and network too.

Thanks a lot ilenia for posting that reply for the discord.

Medic will you guys keep in touch once wr go over to discord. Thank you and jeremy for posting on my forum

I have never used discord but if that’s the best way for us to integrate concepts and engage into something productive, then absolutely. Hit me with a dm so we can set up details :grin:

Here is my discord account name Mod Edit : Personal Information Redacted. Thank you to all of you.

Couldn’t find you:Mod Edit: Personal Information Redacted

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