Coding buddy for motivation

Hello everyone,
So I was wondering if I can find coding buddies to help and motivate each other, because I really am a little stuck and need some motivation and having a coding buddy would surely help me.
If anyone is interested please comment here.
I am just at the beginning in Free code camp.


There are a few groups on discord and slack created from here
You can join the slack group “FCC Dtudy Buddies” with this link: Invite link (Everyone can join if they want a study group)

I am not in any discord group so I can’t invite you there

Theres at least a couple discord groups that spawned from the fcc forums.

They might not still be active but if you do a search you will find them.

Here is a link for the unofficial discord server:

I am taking a Udemy course right now but can use all the practice I can get - I’ll be your study buddy!

Sorry I didn’t see this before. I just posted a topic looking for an accountability partner. I created a discord channel, if interested.

There is a strong supportive community of coders (and especially female coders) on Instagram… yeah, I know Insta – who would have thunk. Insta is not just about vacation pics or selfies, you can post code snippets, what you’re studying, what your’e struggling with, and other devs (both beginner and pros) will rally and encourage you, give you tips, link to relevant resources, etc.

Mutual motivation and support sound like great ideas to me. Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Hello, Have you found a programming partner yet. Please beep me if you haven’t . Thanks, Mike

Hello,I am available to join the group :grinning: .
I’m starting with the Responsive Web module too.

Hi! I’ll be your coding buddy, I am on my last project in the Responsive Web Design section and have done some coding in school! Could really use the motivation :slight_smile:

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hey dude, I need a coding buddy. I am on the second project of responsive design and am stuck! do you have discord? add me on Discord - masterPJ#1238

hey dude, I need a coding buddy. I am on the second project of the responsive design topic. im stuck too! add me on discord - masterPJ#1238

This link is not working…How can I join it.

new link to the slack channel currently working


Well today I started my first Responsive Web Design Project from FCC…May I join you as I will need help…I so the do let me know how…

Thanks…its working now…I just created my account on it…

For sure, I’m still new to Discord but we can message there if you have it.

Can someone share discord invite link again?
Thanks :beers:

Hii…Good Morning…
I do have an account Discord…But have never use it before…How can I contact you there??
(sorry if you have get this msg more than once…due to some mistake)

Hi coders!!!
This is link for Discord channel : (I hope it’s works :robot:)