Accountability Buddy?

Hi guys! I am not quite sure where to post this but the issue I am having is there is no one to hold me accountable or check in. I wanted to know if there are apps like that where they connect you to someone who checks in or a community?

I also have some serious questions on whether I should pursue this (i.e. learning to code) with a lot of priority or just enough to get functional to do what I want to do.

Sorry for the vomit, looking forward to some feedback.

If you take a look in here: Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.), you will find a number of resources for just this purpose.

The slack group has gotten very quiet, but the unofficial Discord group is a very solid resource to consider.


@snowmonkey – I am unable to join the unofficial discord group. All invites appear to be expired. Can you invite me in?

Hey! If you’re looking for a fellow learner to help keep you on track, you’re welcome to get in touch with me. I’ve only recently started learning and although my partner is a Senior Front End Developer, and is very enthusiastic and helpful when he can be, I think it’d be good for me to be in touch with someone who is at the beginning of their journey too!

Let me know if you’d like my contact info; I have WhatsApp, Discord, e-mail.

Hope to see you out there,

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hey Lys! (@lmewild), yeah absolutely would love it!!! Let’s connect over DM for Discord. I am just getting used to it :).

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Good stuff! :smiley: My user is cataLyst#3330 - send me a message and we can start motivating each other! \o/

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Just did. First time using to add people, let’s see how it goes.