Looking for study group/accountability buddy

Hello, I’m looking for study buddies to learn along side. I’ve been back and forth on this website for several years (ughhh) without any real progress. This year is a bit different for me, it’s do or die. I need a new start and a new career where I don’t become stagnant and bored!

I am just starting the Javascript portion and am looking for serious individuals who want to keep in touch and discuss as we learn. I heard there was a group on the forum offering specifically this buddy system via the podcast but that was from 2017. If that’s still a thing, please can you redirect me there?

If anyone is interested my timeline goal is to complete the entire program by the end of August. Look forward to hearing from people!

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This sounds pretty cool - but if its do or die dont wait - 
keep yourself accountable by posting in the forum 
*with every single challenge you complete*
Start a conversation. 
Let the entire FCC community be your accountability buddy. 
If you are struggling with a concept or a challenge (for too long) 
- then get a hint, look at a solution and learn to move forward from it.
Take notes.. Right now I have a stack of post its, 
so i can try Pseudocode by hand before I start 
writing the pseudocode in the comments (again)

//Its a bit more independent and not as ideal as a tight-knit study group 
//(but it works)



Have you used the search on the forums here? There is a forum thread about exactly this topic. The Discord is very active, the Slack not so much, IIRC there’s talk of a Gitter still.

Simply click on the magnifying lens, and type in ‘study buddy’, you’ll find the topic has been well covered.

Hi @riorinternet ! I’m interested and have dented a bunch of the JS track. My plan is to apply and attend a bootcamp sometime in March, so definitely serious about learning to code. An accountability buddy would be great to have till then.

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Also here in Austin, where I’m based, there is a Free Code Camp group that meets weekly. Perhaps there is one in your neck of the woods too?

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I did see one but it was from 2018. I’ll look again and redirect my search there! Thank you!

I signed up. It is exactly what I was looking for…I’d love to be involved however I am able.

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This is so important. Holding yourself accountable.
I am in a similair spot as you @rlorinternet I want to secure my future and I must learn this skill of programming. Especially javascript. HTML and CSS is easy. But javascript…

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I have exactly the same question and i am in the same situation as you. Ive just joined some study groups on discord and also found some handy site.
Oneleif on discord &
Programming budies
Codebuddies > this is a site
and there are many more when u search.

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Jerry Seinfeld once explained his method for success: each January, he hangs a large year-at-a-glance calendar on his wall and, for every day he wrote new material, he had the exquisite pleasure that can only come from drawing a big red “X” over that day.

Drawing those X’s got to be pretty fun and rewarding, so he kept doing it. Eventually, he began to create a chain of red X’s. The idea was to never break that chain.

Not only does this approach program the body and mind to sit down and write daily – it also motivates you to continue that beautiful string of big, red X’s. If you don’t write one day, you don’t get to draw the X.

There’s an app based on this principle, search on goal tracker by Intrasoft, it let’s you set alerts to remind you that you need to work on your goal. I’ve found it to be a pretty effective way to hold myself accountable. Sometimes life gets in the way, but more often that not, the urge to make that X and keep the chain going has made me make the time.

Hope this helps,



I’m a current student at Lambda. If you need a change that quickly, I would like you to consider looking into LambdaSchool.com . They’ve been awesome to me! The people are friendly, encouraging and actually care and help each other. It’s fun AND you learn. More importantly, (besides learning), they have a careers section who HELPS you with your social profile, resume AND finding a job. Go and just read over the material. What could it hurt?!?

programming partner pair programming

I am looking for someone to share progress that will tear down what I have done and offer advice. I can do the same. I am happy to make it a regular thing.

I am working on react.js mainly.

I look for that too actually…

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