Anyone want a newbie coder partner?

I’ve been coding for a short time and wanting to see if there’s anyone in a similar spot who might like to be online buddies to get through the initial beginning stage together? Maybe someone wants an accountability partner like I do? I’ve made it through the responsive web design certificate and am currently struggling with JavaScript but not giving up.

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I’m actually at about the same spot in the curriculum. I’ll shoot you a message so we can get some details worked out!

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Hi I skipped over the html part for now (will learn later) and I’m on the regular expressions section of javascript data structures and algorithms. I’ve been wanting a coding/accountability partner and even though I’m possibly(?) further than you in javascript, I could also help if you have any questions.

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Hello, I would be interested as well, as I am in the same spot in the curriculum!

I finish the responsive web design certificate and now I am doing the JS part of the curriculum which is a hard nut to crack. I have been grinding it and it has not been easy but I have found a lot of helpful resources on the web to complement the fCC curriculum.

Maybe we could form and set up a study group where we could make friends, help and motivate each other?

If anyone’s interested in connecting for online study sessions or project collab in the future feel free to message me.

I am also still looking out for a coding partner. Please anyone interested message me. i’m currently in the Beginner JS Section but I skipped html and css because I had some prior knowledge. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks :slight_smile:

I recommend using The Bit. They will match you with a partner to complete online coding courses.