Is anybody wanting to pair program with me , I am a beginner level programmer in JS , CSS, HTML etc

Hi Anybody keen to pair program with me to keep us both accountable , it would be great, I am currently at the record collection section ( Basic JS -> Introduction to JS) I wanna be able to discuss and potentaily learn and exercise pair programming while completing the JS algorithms and data structures certification . I am planning at min 4 hours a day, let me know


Can you share some examples of your work?

I’ve never done pair programming, never been in study groups. So I can give it a try and see if it works for me too. Let me know how we are going to connect.

suggestion. setup a slack chatroom and post the link here

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I wish I could be on slack. I’m available on discord.

I would love to. Starting a 100 days of code challenge and working towards a 5 hour minimum everyday.
Tho im still at the 4th css project now.

Hi everyone thanks can we ssetup email first and then go to slack I’m not sure how it will work first so may be just email me . I’m excited :blush: ( I was expecting an email notification from freecodecamp not sure why I didn’t receive any - sorry about the delay in response) ( Also I am not allowed to add links so please do send me an email to , we can get started)

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Hey send me message at we can get started,!

hi NaveenDK, i am also a begineer, just started learning javascript today, i have also have basic understanding on both HTML/CSS. i also love to work on projects so as to boost my learnings


Hey Ibrahim im sure you can join us Send a mail to Naveen
or hit me up i always love a collaboration. Started 100 days of code today, you could join in

I really shpuld learn how to get those done. I mean slack and discord. Also VS code live share is amazing for collaboration

i think discord+liveshare might be best most of the time

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Hi Send me a mail(, we got started !

I think so too. Besides i just love me some VS code

I would also love to join guys! Can’t do many hours a day but will stay consistent.

I also would like to join you!