looking to code pair

I live in Brussels curre tly on freecodecamp i am studying javascript, i am looking to do
code pairing with someone to aid the learning process, preferably someone local but am flexible
to pairup with someone remotely elsehwere via skype or even discord. If there is anyone interested
i would be happy to hear from you.

Hi- I’m sorry as I do not live anywhere near you. But i’m also studying js & and i need to pair code as well as much as possible. I already have 1 friend who’s a real developer already to pair code with but i need to learn js as quickly as possible and would like someone else to pair code with who’s learning it like i am. where are you in js curriculum? i’ve reached ES6 arrow functions

hi Birdie,

I am currently following the FCC 3.5 hour full javascript course on their youtube channel currently on JS objects. I have yet to cover ES6, in which country do you live?

Best Regards


Hi Salvatore-

I’m in US. I’ve never pair-coded on FCC, though. Is there a way to pair code on here or is it up to the students to find a platform to pair-code on apart from here (i.e. skype or something with screen sharing capabilities)? That’s what I’m not sure about.

Here’s a link to an article on the benefits of pair-coding that I found helpful.

Just lmk when you’d like to start and we could pre-plan js exercises/problems to pair code through so we could use the time well.

Merci mille fois (Are you in the French-speaking part?)

Hi Birdie,

I dont think that there is a way to pair code on FCC we would need to figure out alternative ways skype/teamviewer or discord. I am finding programming really tough so i think the code pairing would be really helpful.

It seems that you are way ahead of me and could help me to get unstuck, we can arrange to do code pairing during the week monday to friday what do you think? I have been to the US are you east or west coast?

I li e on the french speaking part although in Brussels you can mostly get away with english add me on skype look for my userid which is dontotore

sounds like a plan! i’m not sure i’m way ahead of you…but i am able to access help from my friends who are developers/engineers and they can help. Probably, questions you’re having are same i’m having and your questions i can run by my friends helping me will help me learn faster as well having to explain it.

  1. have you heard of Slack instead of skype? my friends help me with my code on slack if they can’t see me in person quickly enough. it’s really been good for sharing code
  2. do you have a best day next week? i can’t do mon or tue but i’m flexible wed/th/fri of next week. lmk if wed/th/fri will work
  3. time difference: right now, i’m on east coast - so you’re 6 hours ahead of me i believe. just lmk your best time for you as well

cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Birdie,

Thanks for your message Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is good for me, what time would be best for you? I have used slack although i don’t know if there is a way to do audio speaking like skype. We also should run through some ideas of how we should tackle our code pairing sessions. Do you have teamviewer installed on your pc? That can also be used to share desktops which can also be done in view only mode to avoid interacting with the session’s mouse or keyboard. are you also familiar with Git/GitHub?

Talk soon, let me know what you think


Hi Salvatore-
my apologies for taking so long to reply! I was extremely sick.

  1. Friday, tmw, is perfect on my end
  2. reg time. you’re 6 hrs ahead of my so i wish you would set the time. i’d feel badly if you’re coding at 3 am. i’m flexible tmw.
  3. i think skype will be fine for now for screen sharing? i don’t have teamviewer, but if i need to i will install
  4. i am familiar and working/practicing with Git and GitHub.
  5. I’ll also ping you on the whatsApp number you provided as well to ensure we’re on same page and ready to do this.
    ciao :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
I am from India and I do want to master CSS, Bootstrap and HTML . I am good at HTML though and have knowledge of css a bit too.
Anyone interested in pairing?