Programming Partner

I’m looking for someone who I can journey with and who I can help…and in return they do the same…

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Hi @TiffTawarar254 I myself have just started FCC and currently on the responsive web design projects. Haven’t been doing this very long on FCC but I have absolutely no one i know that is interested in any of this so i’m down for a programming partner.

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I’ve been coding for a while and don’t have anyone. I’d be happy to program with you!

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So how do we do this?
@Rhine227 I’ve been on and off but this time I’m in for real…but I don’t know how we are going about this…any ideas?..I’m at the visual design part

Thank you so much…it means so much…so how do what system should we use to keep track with each other’s progress?

I’ve never done this before and am not sure what systems we can use. Do you know of any? Also, I’m currently in FreeCodeCamp Data Visualization Projects. Can we still program together even though were in different parts of the curriculum?

I also dont know of any systems,That will be a bit tricky,but we got this,we still can pair,the whole point is for us to help each other to become better programmers.
How about we track each other’s progress and let me do my best to catch up with you so that we can at least be on the same page,or what do you think?

Hi @TiffTawarar254, I’m also very much interested, currently in Js section of freeCodeCamp,
I believe we can help each other to achieve our goal.
What do you say?

So I’m doing some reading and traditional pair programming two people set side by side and share the same computer. One person is the driver(writing code) the other is the navigator(reviewing the code line by line).

This is the article I’m reading. So one thing is we will have to see what we can do to align our schedules for one. I’m using atom and I know it has some way to pair program called teletype and I’m gonna have to read more on that also. Depending on what all teletype with atom can do and if thats what we agree to use we may need some sort of screen share and also voice chat. I’m on my way to work right now but I’ll do some more research if I get a break and when I get off. Currently I work 6am to 4pm Mon - Thurs. I usually dont start coding till 8 when both my girls are in bed. And usually go till 10pm on Sun - Wed. Thurs - Sat I usually go till my eyes wont stay open anymore. All times are central btw.

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For one I think we could all use a better way to talk other than the forum. Something like groupme for group chatting.

get a discord or slack channel.

Personally I prefer discord, you can share your screen and group voice chat.


Ive gotten 4 requests so farto pair program,and I don’t think I’ll be able to pair program with everybody.
I’m thinking that we should pair among ourselves,or what do you guys think.

Interview the candidates and pick the best one for yourself!

@TiffTawarar254 if we do a discord then everyone could join and we all have a better chance of finding someone when we are on amd able to code. I made a discord
but it’s gonna be this evening before I can really set it up. I’m doing it on my phone atm.
In my head it looks like this. You hop on to discord when you are ready. Throw a text chat up looking for someone to pair. If someone is there and on the two of you go to a voice chat channel, screen share, and get to work.

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Hi, Have you found a programming partner yet. Please beep me if you haven’t

I would love to be everyone’s programming partner :smiley:. I have been using FCC for around 2 months now but have 3 years of experience in Java. I currently work third shift so I’m mainly online from 7:30am - 1:30pm Eastern. I also have a project up on github that I recently started and would love to have more people join in on that way we can all learn along this journey.

If anybody still looking for a partner to complete freecodecamp I am available, let me know