Hi everyone,

I noticed last weekend some people wrote on the forum who wanted to pair-program. It’s a bit awkward to set up sometimes (and some people might be a bit intimidated to message in the Let’sPair gitter chat), so I thought if people are interested, we could try hosting a TRY-PAIR-PROGRAMMING-FESTIVAL this weekend. It’ll just be a relaxed, no-pressure way to try out something that can help you improve your coding skills. You can work on FCC challenges, a small project, or whatever you and your partner feel like.

If you’re interested, leave a comment with your timezone, when you’re free, and where you are on the FCC map (curriculum) and sometime before the weekend I’ll set the pairs.

The event will happen this weekend (November 5-6), but if you’re not free this weekend let me know and I can probably pair you with someone during another weekend. :slight_smile:

Also worth noting: YOUR CODING LEVEL DOESN’T MATTER. Whether you’re just starting on HTML/CSS or if you’re the Bruce Lee of Javascript, pairing is helpful regardless (just mentioning this because I’ve gotten some messages about this :slight_smile: ).

Happy coding!

ps if you’re curious about how it will work, here’s an article that may help:


HUGE SHOUT-OUT TO @Ikarus11 and @mmartinb for helping with the mental gymnastics of setting this up!

I was personal messaging everyone with their pairs, but apparently you can only send so many personal messages and it says I now how have to wait 5 hours, so I’ll post it here.

Hello ambitious campers!

So, we’ve made 18 pairs, which took a little mental gymnastics to combine all the variables, but it wasn’t too bad! :computer: We tried to pair people based on level, timezone and time free. Unfortunately, not all of the pairings are going to fit perfectly with everyone’s schedules. I apologize in advance for this but if we’re all flexible, all shall be okay! :slight_smile:

I think it’s worth repeating: flexibility is the most important thing to keep in mind for the festival. Stuff isn’t going to work perfectly at all time (internet connections, schedules, differing skillsets etc.), and that’s actually good in a way. One of the benefits of pair programming is it gets you a little bit out of your comfort zone (where all the good learning happens). :wink:

We’ve made a total of 18 pairs. You can see your pairings here:

I recommend messaging your pair-partner in the FCC forum to chat about what time works best for both of you. You can find everyone by clicking the link in the spreadsheet or in the comments of the post I made. I’ve hosted 3 Pair-Programming festivals before this, and we’ve found Screenhero to be the best tool, but unfortunately you someone to invite you. I can send anyone who wants to use this an invite to Screenhero. Just personal message me your email and I’ll send it along as soon as I can.

Also, for simplicity’s sake, I made a pop-up gitter chat where we can all talk. I will be around the house all weekend, so if you have any questions, myself or someone else should be around to answer fairly quickly. Come in and say hello!

ps a few people here have messaged me asking if there is any room in the FCC cohorts that I started a few months back. All three are full, but I’m open to starting a new one if enough people are interested. Shoot me a message if interested.

If you have any questions or are having trouble with something, feel free to message me!


ps. if a lot of people liked this and are interested in doing it again next month, I don’t mind setting it up again. Also, as @pnahratow mentioned I recommend checking out the letspair channel sometime!


@JohnnyBizzel @ReRunJMC @steffanek

That’s a great idea. Recently I came to the realization that one of the best ways to learn programming better and faster is to pair program with someone. Not only you’ll get to practice what you already know but you’ll also learn a lot from each other, from best practices to techniques on how best to do something. Also talking about a problem with someone is one of the best ways to effectively solve it.


I’m interested! I am in the middle of the intermediate algorithm scripting challenges. Eastern US time zone, am fairly flexible but especially Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning/afternoon.

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Hi I forgot to mention it earlier, my timezone is UTC+1 I would be available on Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm. Officially I am at the Advanced web projects on the FCC curriculum but I’ve been mostly focusing on learning React, NodeJS and MongoDB in the last couple of months

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Timezone: MST (UTC -7)
Available Times: 4PM-6PM, maybe 9PM-11PM Friday, 9AM-9PM Saturday (will be at a formal FCC meet up from 9AM-12PM but I can work with someone at this time) 9AM-9PM Sunday
FCC map: Completed Front End Development, all web services for Back End Development except image search, and the markdown previewer (very close to completing the camper leaderboard). It would be great if I could work with someone on beginning the D3 challenges or on the voting app.

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Great idea! I can make myself available this/any Sunday at these times. 1pm- midnight. My ideal time would be from 8:30 pm on… But anytime after 1:00pm CENTRAL time on Sunday works for me!

I am working on The Front End Developer Projects… in no particular order. I’m super flexible, and will work on any project my partner would like. :slight_smile: I have Google Hangouts, and Skype btw… or can chat only on PC.

Thanks for setting this up!

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Sounds great! I have pair programmed once before and the experience was amazing, it really helped me focus on what I truly didn’t know/understand rather than on the small syntax errors and silly mistakes. I’m currently working on the twitch challenge and hope to be done with it before the weekend. I’d be happy to pair program on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I’m in Toronto currently so utc - 4 works for me.

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Okay so my time zone is eastern time zone, 8 - 12 pm Monday - Saturday and 7- 11:00 am and 7 - 12 pm on Sunday, I am currently working through Intermediate Algorithm challenges

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This sounds awesome!! I’d love to participate at some level, I’m on EST and can be available pretty much any time between 9AM-7PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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thanks @bgergler, whereabouts are you in the FCC map? Just so I can pair you with someone around your level if possible :slight_smile:

I’m about halfway through the intermediate algorithm challenges

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just finished boo hoo

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Hey! I’m on the advanced projects. I would love to build some APIs if people are interested. Let’s program together and become express and mongoDB masters. :slight_smile: I’m available all weekend USA eastern time.

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haha Love the enthusiasm @Ikarus11! MONGODB MASTERS! :laughing:

were in the same spot basically, though our times may conflict, I may have days though where i can pair with ya

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Hey this is an awesome idea, I am hopeful that pairing up work will be great source for learning. Please note my time zone is UTC+05:30 (Indian Time Zone). I am at Advanced Algorithm Challenges in the Front End Certification MAP.

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I’m in, I’m free this weekend Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 UTC

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My time zone is gmt-3 (Chile)
I am at the Advanced web projects
available mostly from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

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Eastern US timezone. Flexible. I am in the middle of the data section - just completed the last React project (Roguelike dungeon crawler) and am about to dive into D3 projects.

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