Pair programming?

If anyone is wanting to pair pgm with me, I am a web developer of 7+ year exp. I can pair program at different times of the day (morning or night) whatever you prefer. I like doing one or 2 tasks a day tops. I am currently working through the Javascript Intermediate algorithms but am happy to help with any previous solutions. Cheers.

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can i join? i’m new to programming, i’m currently working on Wikipedia Viewer.

im also interested in pair programming? is the offer still good?

I’d be very interested in pair programming! I’ve been going through this alone and at times when i actually asked for help, I didn’t get much response. I don’t want to quit. This offer is for anyone who wouldn’t mind to pair up. I am very new to programming

Sidebar: hey @MsAura, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad luck getting help so far. Was that in Gitter? It’s easy to get lost in the stream of help requests over there.

It’s not a competition or anything (but if it was the forum wins :wink:), but there’s a few helpful folk on the forum here who try to ensure no request for help goes unanswered. If you find yourself stuck on something, no matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to ask for help here and I’m sure you’ll have better luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks. @JacksonBates Yeah, it was on Gitter. Someone even posted a link to me there for an article that was titled “Programming isn’t for everyone” and went into dept about how some people just aren’t wired to learn that way and it’s better to not get hopes up. I was completley floored. All I asked for a was help! lol. I haven’t been back in a while. I’m really glad these forums exist! I’m still a bit embarrassed to ask for help on things I’m sure is seomthing so easy that I cannot see it. But I am trying to open up. :smile: I figured I might try the pair programming thing since that is something I havent done yet.

@JohnnyBizzel Im very interested too. I would love to work on group project’s more. I think it helps with learning and the overall aspect of wanting to be a web developer as a career.

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I would like to team up as well… Working through the problems is one thing but it would be nice to bounce ideas off of someone else or a group even. Not that we can’t do that here but in smaller groups… Working on a project… Whether it’s learning about version control on GitHub or something


I’m happy to pair code with anyone, over Google Hangouts? Not sure what the standard is? I think it will be a great way to learn and share ideas, and avoid the solitary confinement of learning completely in isolation.

Skill Level: I’m on the Weather App and having run into a brick wall with it (Async and callback stuff has knocked me over) am going to go back to some previous algorithms and other challenges before approaching it again.

Time Zone: UK time, available any time from 07:00-18:00, or sometimes later if I’m not totally drained by then!

@rico042002, @MsAura, @Macbook1… don’t know if you’re at a similar level to me?



Hey @TimHandy. It would be nice to work with you through that challenge, if you’re still available for pair-coding.

Yes but I am barely in the first set of the basic algorithm scripting :anguished:

@JohnnyBizzel @MsAura Im down to pair program with you both. What are you guys wanting to work on? The challenges? projects?

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If someone want to pair program with me send me a PM :smile: .

Be a little easy on yourself

When you are starting out as a programmer, you should know that a lot of things will be confusing and difficult to understand. It is normal.

I started reading about javascript programming last year, 2015, it was very confusing, especially because i was just reading and not practicing, so i left programming and focused on web designing(html&css). I found freecodecamp about two months ago but i only started the challenges two weeks ago, and since then, i have gone from newbie to almost completing the advanced algorithm in 13days[My profile]( I stopped because i wanted to focus on learning javascript design patterns, nodejs and react.

The most important is that you continue consuming information, and when you notice it's becoming confusing, try to google that particular topic. And always practice, everyday. Read Mozilla Developers Network's documentation on javascript again and again.

Programming is something that becomes part of you overtime, it's like a baby suddenly starting to talk. You can hasten it, as i have done by reading a lot.

If there’s anywhere you guys get confused, i would be glad to help.


Dang, good job flying through those algorithms! One of these days I’m going to have the bite the bullet and try to knock out as many as I can too. I’ve been too pre-occupied with projects and apps… For me, it’s tough to do algorithms just to do algorithms if that makes sense… Even though really, it’s for the certification and experience.

Hi all. I’m studying full time, not sure about you? So I am available all day during the week. Send me a message on the Gitter channel when you want to pair code; my username is TimHandy on there also.

If you’re not that far along that’s fine… I need to review stuff anyway, and I won’t just plough through them or just give you the answers. You only really understand something if you can explain it to someone else in a way they can understand, so pair programming should be good for both parties.

Talk to you soon!



Algorithms tough? Try to see them as challenges that are used to improve yourself! You’re not doing “algorithms”, you’re just improving yourself!


@TimHandy I’ll hit you up on there soon. Today happens to me by one day off/chore day so with the exception of today, I study/code 6-7 days a week (will still probably code tonight around midnight PST). What time zone you in?

@robertx32 good outlook, man. Good outllook!

Sorry for the late reply. This post has suddenly got busy!! :open_mouth:
I have completed the Intermediate algorithms so am happy to help with those, or previous tests.
I will be working through Advanced Algorithms so would be happy to receive help with those.
I am available next week during the day (UK time) but after that I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks.

I will try to be on from 10 am Monday & Tuesday.

Im still in the Javascript lessons section but I am down to help code or debug any project your working on. Im new to FCC but I have been into coding since 2013, just now getting my feet wet though. I started on Codecademy but didnt like the old program, it was not as fun to learn and take notes from as FCC is. Just drop me a message and a link to the pen or git and im down to help with anything!