Anyone Interested in Pair Programming

If anyone is wanting to pair pgm with me, I’ve been studying programming for almost one year now on FCC i’m going through the Intermediate Algorithms, but I can help with any previous solutions as well. I would like to create some projects on github as well, to get the hang of how it is to work with a team.

I was thinking of posting the same thing, actually. :slightly_smiling_face:
I started my journey with front end on April last year, mostly working alone with Treehouse and Udacity courses.
I’d like to focus on vanilla JavaScript, to get a firm grip on it before I dive into frameworks ( probably React);

Oh me too! I haven’t seen react yet, I wanted to get better at js first! so would you like to pair?

Sure! Not so sure about the details though… - do you have any particular project you would like ot collaborate on?

Hello. I’m new to free code camp and id like to pair with someone working with html css javascript jquery for front end and nodejs and mysql for backend. I’m a self taught and would like to work on more projects to grow as a coder

I’m sure we can figure something out. If you want you can add me on facebook my username is emersonlbr. I will be easier to talk

hey sure I can help you and learn together! add me on facebook emersonlbr

Hi Emerson!
I wrote you a message on fb. Let’s talk.