Pair programming buddy(ies) wanted for js algorithm practice

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a pair programming buddy to solve codewars algorithm challenges (or similar) and possibly practise coding data structures in javascript. I’d say I’m an experienced beginner(!) but hoping to progress onwards from there. Alternatively a small study group of 4 would work as we could pair up and peer review solutions afterwards. I’m in the UK and am aiming for an evening a week (round 8-10pm BST).

DM me if you’re interested



Hi K,

I’m actually at same stage as you… but three months later :slight_smile:

It’s actually my third attempt at growing coding skills but really motivated this time, trying to do 1h / day each day. It’s been 3 months now and loving it! In addition, to FCC, I’ve also started some JS challenges in Codewars and am going through CSX programs.
Would definitely be in for 1h session of pair-programming per week and see how goes!
I’m in France, so CET for me!