Looking for a partner

Hello guys,
I have just learned the basics of html and now i started css. I’m looking for a partner, i’d love to connect and make new friends so that this journey will be enjoyable and we can exchange ideas and help each other.

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@nepttune accountability buddy is an awesome idea! Just keep on searching and eventually you will find one, but no matter what happen you got this community at your back.

Have you tried joining the Discord server of freeCodeCamp?

There are amazing people in that server that you might find suitable as your accountability partner.

Regards! :confetti_ball:

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Thank you so much, I will try it !


Hey @nepttune , I’m looking for an accountability partner and I’m around where you are right now in the program. Want to be accountability partners?


Yes, that will be great! PM me

Thats a good idea . i would like to join you


I sent you a message!

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I’m studying Javascript and I already have some projects on my GitHub. I can help you with something I know and study some topics together.


Congratulations on your journey. As you’ve done learning HTML and CSS, it is time to start building projects.

I suggest head over to Frontend Mentor and join their slack channel ( there you will find #collaboration channel ), that is best place to find accountability buddy / buddies who can build projects with you.

All the very best


I am interested even I am looking for study buddy .