Accountability Partners

Hi fellow freeCodeCampers,

I’m new here, just starting out and wondering if anyone else feels they’d also benefit from an accountability partner. Specifically, it would be nice to have someone(s) to share mutual chat, encouragement and support as we progress through our chosen learning path(s). The chat rooms are great, but they seem a bit congested and obviously are best suited to requests that are likely to be answered in real time.

I’m in the US, in the Central Time Zone (GMT -5) and I generally work through challenges on weekday mornings and afternoons. Again, I’m new here so my schedule may change.

Reply here or send me a message if you’d like to partner up. :slight_smile:


Hey CrazyCheeWaWa!

I’m a little ahead of you a little bit in FCC, but I wouldn’t mind helping out someone that needs a hand from time to time (and to pull me along also :slight_smile: ). I am semi-retired and am usually in my office during the daytime hours (CST also). Let me know if this sounds OK.

Thanks for your reply! Sounds great!


I am also just starting out. I just got to the jQuery section. I would love an accountability partner! What do you propose?
Also, I’m in Cali.


Hi @bwooten2432! I’ll PM you!

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@bwooten2432 are you on gitter? If so is your u/n the same? I wasn’t able to figure out how to PM here, but I can there.

Hey! My github u/n is bwooten2432


I’d be interested :slight_smile:

I’m based in Europe and I normally do FCC during the evenings, which would tie in perfectly with your times. And I think accountability can only be a good thing.

For anyone landing on this thread, I recommend using The Bit. They will match you with a partner to complete online coding courses.