Coding partner(s)

Hey y’all. As the topic implies, I need someone to learn coding with. I started fcc in September and I’m struggling with staying motivated. I’ve read it’s good to have someone to share ideas with and also to keep you motivated, hence this. A beginner or fairly experienced buddy is fine. Currently on vanilla js but running through the responsive web again. Here’s my discord if you’re interested: sophi_e#8402 and we can go from there.

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I can help you on Responsive Web design

Ping me on twitter/codeslibrary

I would urge you to exercise some caution. If you’ve been doing it for 4 months and finding no motivation, then the chances are you are doing your learning in a way that’s not right for you.

You don’t have to stay exclusive to FCC - find some dimensionality to your learning and set small, silly goals each day - even if it’s a little animated banner or some nice text effects. Sign up to things like 100daysofcode, CodeNewbie and Chingu to find other people who are at similar points in their learning.

Make it fun and engaging and you’ll soon find that you forget you were ever lacking in motivation :slight_smile:

Good luck, Dan

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Ok so it’s not actually that I don’t have the motivation to learn but more like I don’t feel like I’m making any real progress and that really brings me down. It’s been four months and i think I should know much more than I do now. Thanks for responding to my post and your suggestions btw. I’m gonnna check those out.

You know more than you knew 4 months ago, don’t you?
That’s great progress. Be proud of yourself!

Yeah you are right :blush:

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Am interested
camedjoulako is my handle

One of the key things about a coding partner is they should be a positive influence, if they don’t show up, don’t help out, don’t improve your learning experience, its not worth it.

If it does work out, great!, but usually your better off on your own if your “help” isn’t a positive influence on your learning experience overall.

You are absolutely right. I do hope i get a good buddy.

Cool. Thanks. Will add you up