FCC learning buddy

I am just starting off FCC (tried it before but fell the wagon). Looking for folks who would like to code together, discuss progress, bounce off ideas and keep each other motivated. I can commit to 5-7 hours a week.

Anyone else just starting off and interested? I can create a group on Skype/Hangouts if folks are interested.

I usually recommend thinking of these “looking for people to code with” posts like dating. So to help other’s who might be interested you might also want to post some of the following:

  • Roughly what level of programming experience do you have in general? You mentioned you “fell off the wagon” of FCC before, so how far did you get?
  • Do you just want to learn what FCC has to offer, would you be interested in other side projects? Got a github? (don’t post it here to prevent potential spam, unless you don’t mind
  • What sort of things are you looking for in “coding buddies” (haha this one totally sounds like a dating question XD)
  • What timezone are you in, no use getting together with someone who will be sleeping when you would like to be talking/working.

Hopefully that helps with the hunt, goodluck :smiley:

Also FCC has multiple gitter channels: https://gitter.im/FreeCodeCamp/home
if your new to gitter, then you can login via github or twitter handles, and talk with other FCC campers. The rooms aren’t too active anymore, but there are usually always people there (me included)

Goodluck on you code buddy hunt :smiley: