Start together?

Start together?
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Hey guys,
I’m starting with FreeCodeCamp. I’m looking for people who are passionate about learning front end and back end development.
Let’s start together and encourage each other.

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Go Kevin!

I have also recently started FCC and have been coding for about a month and a half.

If you need anything feel free to contact me my man!


me too started recently … i completed the tribute page challenge… i will be happy to continue with you


Let's do that!

how can we communicate? I'm not sure if this forum allows you to send a message to another user.


Thanks a lot for the encouragement, you’re the best


Just click on the user’s name and you will see a pop up with a Message button for sending private messages to other forum users.


I can’t see a message button… I can only see the badges of that user


Oh, I think you have to be a forum user in good standing a while before you can message others.


@Kevinary u can send messages here …i will send u a message


I’m interested also. I sent you all a private message with more info. Let me know if you don’t receive the message.


Hey Kevinary, I’m happy to be in the encouragement team. Right now I’m focusing on back-end development, as far as I understand it. I’m more of a data/math-minded person than the visual/UX. Let’s do this!


I’m interested, too. I’d be more than happy to set up a discord channel for us, or a slack (I’ve never used Slack but hear it’s great). I’ve been coding in a void of solitude for about 3 months, and have had lapses where I waste a week or so without coding.

I think being part of a group would really help me…

So, should I set up a discord or slack?

Also I just discovered beta.fCC and am about to start over using the beta. I hear it’s way better. Idc really what you guys do, but we should all encourage and support and brag?



I have been looking for a duo, or more, partner to start FCC. Have a very open schedule at the moment. Gonna put a link to my profile so you can know a bit more.


Nobody gave me permission, which is usually how I like to do things. I’m creating a Discord for new people running through the material right now.

Why discord?

  • !It’s freeware!
  • Nearly as good as Slack anyways
  • We don’t need the crazy features that Slack has

I’ll update with progress.


This is a link to Camping(spawn);

The new, stable chat community where new campers can get-together and become awesome at programming. Whether you’re using beta.fCC, fCC stable, or are a traitor and use Treehouse half the time. This is a place for novice campers like myself to share, boast, brag and heckle our way to mutual awesomeness.

I have a job and need to attend to that sometimes, but otherwise, I really am 100% focused on being a coder. If lots of people join I will pretty much live on here.

The other great thing about Discord is that it has a beautiful mobile app, so everyone can stay updated on the go. Again, it’s free and fully-featured. Discord is rated the second best team-messaging app after Slack (which is pay-for-premium model).


I am also interested


Hi guys, I just introduced myself into tech world and I would love to join your group and learn more together. How can we organise this project?


sign me in :grinning:


I would very much like to be involved.
I’m relatively new to the world of Web Developing and am looking to expand my knowledge :slight_smile:


Im new as well. Focusing on the basics and setting my Rig up. Let me know if you would like to link up for some tips and tricks