Start together?

I’ve decided to get my focus on through here:

Note: That’s cool how the markdown came out. That’s another form of focus as I get ready to post back into Github again. I just googled how to write with Markdown for now:

So for me, it’s a REDIRECTION (actually a continuation) from @P1xt’s Computer Science Comprehension version (which I may get back to compliment my future development). The “Job Ready” seems to be great for freelancers as well.

I’m also into designing overall as well. I’ve been sketching heavily from various Art Teachers. I’ve posted within Social Media (that’s me and how I hold my pencil (amongst many other ways (in addition to still working with traditional/dominant right hand)):

And finally, this is my github page which I will be updating more as I took some time off from it within my studies with the fundamentals of JavaScript and Art:

I’m done for now. Time to focus within the newly updated “Job Ready” guide.

Great initiative, TS.

I would be glad to progress with somebody than being alone.
We can contribute and develop together and by the time we learn a lot from each other.

Just drop me a line :slight_smile: