Cohort Starting - Join Now

A few of us have agreed to work at the same pace and review one another’s work (Start together?), support one another, etc… Here’s the pace we’re hoping to learn at:

October 22, 2017 HTML5 and CSS
October 27, 2017 Responsive Design with Bootstrap
October 31, 2017 jQuery
November 20, 2017 Build a Tribute Page
December 10, 2017 Bulid a Personal Portfolio Webpage
December 20, 2017 Basic Javascript
December 27, 2017 Object Oriented and Functional Programming
January 31, 2018 Basic Algorithm Scripting
February 5, 2018 JSON APIs and Ajax
March 15, 2018 Intermediate Front End Development Projects
April 1, 2018 Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
April 20, 2018 Advanced Algorithm Scripting
June 1, 2018 Advanced Front End Development Projects

The plan is for each participant to create a new public topic for each project they complete (like we would normally do) and then notify one another via private group message of the post. To keep the private message group cleaner and easier to read, all of our project feedback will be done under the project public topic.

We’ll check in with one another along the way to answer questions and discuss what we’re learning.

Send me a private message if you want to join us and be included in our private messages. Or, if you prefer, feel free to use these deadlines as a guide to work on your own.

For those who’ve been around longer, does this schedule seem reasonable? Any other questions or suggestions? - Thanks!


Haiiiyo! I think it’s a great idea. :slight_smile:

If getting the certificates is not of major concern to your group, I recommend following the beta curriculum (or at least use parts of it as supplement) and use GitHub to save and document your progress (so that you can simply copy and paste your work when the new curriculum comes out, as suggested by @ArielLeslie (I think) a while ago.

Some comments and suggestions:

  • jQuery is oudated and, in my opinion, just generally horrible, particularly for beginners—almost anything, if not everything, you can easily do with jQuery in the curriculum can also be easily done with vanilla JavaScript. You don’t need jQuery for the Tribute Page and Personal Portfolio project—focus on consolidating what you know about CSS and HTML in those projects
  • Following from the comment regarding jQuery and vanilla JavaScript above, you will likely run into compatibility issues with jQuery as you move onto using other frameworks and libraries, learning vanilla JavaScript will let you avoid having need to deal with that and allow you to understand frameworks better (they’re written in JavaScript after all!)
  • I personally recommend using Bootstrap 4 instead of Bootstrap 3. The Bootstrap documentation is fantastic and there are only really a few differences that you need to iron out if some of you have already been using Bootstrap 3
  • I think you really should to go through the ES6 module in the beta curriculum somewhere between the Object Oriented and Functional Programming section and the Intermediate Front End Development Projects section
  • I think it’s a good idea to learn the basics of GitHub before the Intermediate Front End Development Projects and use a code editor to develop locally instead of using CodePen
  • You may want to consider using something like Trello or Asana to make communication and organisation easier
  • Since there are a few people doing this together, make sure you have measures in place to combat issues regarding plagiarism and accountability should it ever be an issue; for example, avoid posting blocks of code in discussions, encourage everyone to meaningfully comment their own code… etc.
  • Do drop into the forum and give everyone an update—you may find people who want to join you along the way, too!

Good luck! Looking forward to see the projects. :slight_smile:


I’m Interested in joining the study group. I tried out freecodecamp a year back, but stopped for personal reasons. Now, I’m trying to pick it up again. For those who are starting out, I recommend getting in touch with your local FCC group to learn what others are up to and practice your communication skills.

@camper, sorry I don’t know how to private message you.

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@zawmai I just invited you to the private message. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

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@honmanyau Thank you! I agree with almost all that you’ve written. I tried the beta curriculum, based on your suggestion in another topic, and found it lacking in a bunch of ways. I think supplementing with the beta content is a great idea though.

I totally agree with you about using pure Javascript instead of jQuery.

I can add you to the private message if you’d like to help in more direct ways. :incoming_envelope: We’ll be posting our projects publicly so you can help out that way too.

Hi Camper -
I also am interested in joining this cohort. I also started FCC back in March but got offtrack with Datascience in R and Python. I want to review by going thru the lessons again and working thru the projects.

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Good luck guys, I’ve been in a cohort and found it extremely rewarding!

If I can make a suggestion: use Slack! It’s a superb tool for cohorts, and you’ll find it less clunky than forum PMs!

Happy coding!


@camper I would like to participate in the group. I have just begun the tract so the timing is about right.
-WWC, “Brad”

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@Wookies-Will-Code I just added you.

I love it all guys! The schedule totally works on my end.
I am also currently going through Watch and Code which is a great tutorial for those really interested in having a solid understanding of vanilla JS.

I have to agree with the above. jQuery can be useful but more and more developers are actually moving away from using it in favor of writing their own JS

Just wanted to throw out that line for anyone that may be looking to other resources.

I will also look into Slack because I think it would be good for a group this size to have a more viable way of communicating with each other haha.

Hello guys,
J know the deadline has passed, but I’ll love to be part of this. I have been slacking off for sometime now and having people with the same goals as me will help me push through.


Sounds very good, count me in for support and review even though I am quite a bit ahead of everyone.

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@camper Apologies for the late response and thank you very much for the invitation! Although I don’t think I’m a good fit and I’ll have to decline because:

  1. If it’s something that nobody in the group can figure out then it’s probably a question that is worth posting on the forums so that everyone can benefit from it!
  2. I don’t have any real coding experience and I’m still learning myself, and I would be hesitant to offer any opinions that aren’t publicly scrutinised

In any case, I’m still more than happy to help with project reviews when they come out, so feel free to include me with @honmanyau whenever they are posted! :slight_smile:


@missKatiaPunter and @clevadani have been added. :sunny:

i would like to participate in the group as it sounds like a very helpful idea.Though i started around 20 so i m just a little bit ahead(just started tribute page project),if that isn’t a problem then pls count me in.

@camper I’d love to join too. Currently I’m working on my Portfolio project. But learning alone does feel boring at times.

Please let me know how can I join and how"ll you collaborate (slack/gitter etc)?

@CoderXXX and @debu2code added. :tada:

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I am really sorry for not following up but I did get thru the front end last night 10/22/17 but I haven’t tried the first project yet. I am also taking a data science course focusing on MySQL & R programming

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can people still join?
i’m up to the projects, but did a lot of the javascript challenges.

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@yonichanowitz Yes! I added you.

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