Looking for a partner to study FCC with at the same time using Voice Chat


I’ve put in about 60-70 hours in Free Code Camp. I however am looking for someone to re-start all the tracks with and get super serious about it. I mean like second job serious. ( I work as a Technology Support Specialist 40 hours a week).
I’m thinking around 25 hours a week. (3 hrs a day Monday-Friday) then 5 hours on a Saturday and maybe more on Sunday.

You may be asking your self why don’t I just do it my self? Well truth be told I am kind of lazy and lack discipline. If I knew someone else is there depending on me to show up to learn though, I’d do it.

Please let me know if you’re serious about Re-learning the basics of HTML/CSS and doing the projects, and then starting the dreaded JavaScript.

I get home at 5:15PM Central, and can spend a good 3-4 hrs a day on exercises.

Are you as serious about being a developer as I am?

We can talk more on voice comms.

I sent u a DM on gitter.

I could but 5pm central is 12pm here. :frowning: