Anyone else not able to pass the tests on this CSS challenge?

I can’t seem to pass the tests on this new challenge, can people confirm if this is a bug or i’m just making a typo somewhere i can’t find.

It worked for me. I hadn’t done the challenge before are worked with CSS Variables before, but I made the two changes and it passed. Can you show us the code you are trying? Just cut and paste it.

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Solved i just re ran it with the exact same code and now it works? strange. Thanks anyways

Yeah, sometimes there are little browser cache problems, I think.

There’s a typo in the code per default! Leave this typo alone and just add “black” - took me some time …

Sass itself wasn’t working on FCC for a while recently. Same thing happened to me. Found out about it by googling the title, ended up in github and then found a bug/issue log about it. Kinda fruutrating to say the least when stuff like this happens and there’s no notification and the app still lets to you try and fail repeatedly.