Anyone have trouble learning React?

Its more difficult for me to learn React than than it is to learn vanilla javascript I might say. Especially when you have not seen so far how the benefits of React outweight the benefits of Vanilla Javascript. I suppose one of its supposed benefits is less lines of code in some apps? I guess Repetition of react concepts and frequently doing the React challenges is going to be one of the best ways to cement my knowledge of React. Whats is your learning experience with React?

practice makes perfect for me every time i use react i understand it more especially when i’m doing projects.

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I’m learning React too. I guess it does have its uses.

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It took a while for React to click for me.

It’s important to realise it’s not suitable for every web project - it’s very good at being the UI layer on complicated applications. It’s less worthwhile for blogs, for example.

What it really handles well is responding to changes in data, either initiated by servers or the user. How React works with state is the core thing to understand. State is just a huge blob of data, and changes to that data can have effects throughout your app. Once you get that, and understand how to make changes to that state and handle those changes, the rest makes more sense, in my experience.

It’s lovely being able to work with reusable components with little boilerplate code and rely on modules built by others too - this really speeds up development time, once you’re over the hurdle of understanding it in the first place.


I had a lot of trouble getting hold of React as well. I went through the section with React challenges and I made the tests pass, but I did not know what I was doing. It was when I started the markdown viewer project that things started to click. I used the create-react-app and VS Code with some good extensions, React Extension Pack and React Native - Full Pack so I could start focusing on the React itself instead of all the things around it. Now I am slowly getting there


Hey there,

it’s always a good idea to read the docs,
because most of the time they talk about the Why: