Anyone on the BackEnd..Voting app?

I’m working through the voting app, I decided to use the MEAN stack with the new Angular. I am also learning Angular at the same time. Getting along ok, I have the API established and a the authorization going. Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to team up on these projects.

Man, this one has got me waylaid. Such a gap in knowledge. There have been a lot of jumps from “what we just learned” to “what you need for this”, but this is the one that’s beating me at the moment.

I need to understand the file structure and how they all interrelate. So far everything I’ve done has been single file JS. I’m sort of starting to get it. Unfortunately I can’t find any resources. It’s good - I like this structure and it seems like a more realistic professional situation - but it is a quantum leap (or three or four) above what we were doing before.

Sorry I can’t help you directly - I haven’t gone down the Angular path yet. Just wanted to kvetch about the learning gap.

That’s ok. Like I said I am learning Angular as I build this thing. Here’s a link to the repo. I have a branch that I’m working on currently that I haven’t pushed yet. It’s the view showing the polls. But, I’m figuring it out and learning. If you want to jump on give me a holler. If you need any help let me know and I’ll try my best to help out.
If you have any pointers please provide them.