Anyone want one on one training fullstack developer


I’m senior fullstack developer, but I’m not english native speaker. I’m looking for anyone who are native english speaker so I can teach you everything about fancy keyword about programing: “React, Java, Microservices …” to get a job exchange that I can train my english speaking skill through speaking with you (You can think it’s win-win situation)

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Leave a comment bellow if you are interesting. Many thanks.
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hey hey! I am interested! Are you in Asia though?

Yes, I’m from Vietnam, I want to train my english skill to get job in Singapore.

your facebook link did not work can you please attach it again.

So sorry, my bad. You can try again or just give me your facebook link :smiley:

Hi. Because these pages are indexed and the forum has high traffic, I have removed your contact information to protect your privacy. If you share contact information through a direct message with another user, it will not show up publicly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I don’t want you to get spammed.

Im interested. I live in america. English is my native language.