API Project: File Metadata Project typo causing last test to fail

The last story test checks for routing to /api/fileanalyse

It turns out “analyse” is a misspelling. If a user were to complete their project with the correct spelling “/api/fileanalyze”, the last test would fail even if the project returns the correct answer, properly formatted.

There may be a way to dynamically assign the route test from the html form data.

Based on the story test listed here:



Welcome, there.

I am not sure I understand the issue. Here is the code in the boilerplate index.html file:

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST" action="/api/fileanalyse">

Same spelling as the route in the tests. It is not a misspelling, as far as I can see.


The user has to create the route endpoint. When they do, they may try to use the correct spelling for “analyze” and inadvertently fail their test.

At the least, we should correctly spell “analyze” in the form data and the test script. I suppose that’s just an opinion in the end. Thank you for your consideration.

Ah. Well, this is not an issue of misspelling - “analyse” is perfectly valid. So, we could benefit from adding to the instructions the currently used spelling.

My apologies, it seems “analyse” is acceptable in some circumstances. Thanks.