API projects keeping front as it is

Hello there!
I’m working with the API projects and I was wondering if I could keep the front from the boilerplate. Given that the purpose of the projects on this section is to work with API endpoints and databases, I think it might be uneccessary to beautify the front.
Can anyone tell me if this is allowed?

It’s a good question.

If what you’re building is an API that would eventually be consumed by, say, a front-end developer who would build a killer application with it, there doesn’t seem to be much need make your whole project home page beautiful.

However, you should take the opportunity to write some great documentation for the API you’ve just created. Don’t be satisfied with the documentation as it is. Being able to write excellent documentation shows how well you understand what you’ve just built, and what it’s for. Basically, the project home page is where you ‘sell’ your API/microservice.

And, if you’re trying to ‘sell’ it, why not put up an awesome UI as a demonstration of how a good front-end developer could use your API?

Try as much as possible to make it your own.

From a good article on the subject,

Remember that your users have not spent hundreds of hours developing your API and documentation, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get started.

It is definetly great advice to pay attention and develop the documentation for the API as well. Documentation is so important yet so easy to overlook. I’ll keep that in mind.
Thank you for the article!

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