API request doesn't work with my APP

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Hello Developers,
I’m trying to finish my Random Quote Machine. I build a small React App and I’m using the fetch method for calling an API that allows me to access to random quotes. Unfortunately, It doesn’t work. I tried to test the API with Postman and if I use the API though internet it actually works. How is possible?

PS the page stay with the


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class App extends Component {

	this.state = {
		items: [],
		isLoaded: false,

componentDidMount() {

		.then(res => res.json())
		.then(json => {
			this.setState = {
				isLoaded: true,
				items: json,


render() {

	var { isLoaded, items } = this.state;

	if (!isLoaded) {
		return <div>Loading...</div>

	    return (
	      <div className="App">	
		      			<li key={item.id}>
		      				Name: {item.name}

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Your API is not for quotes. I can not see it. Why do you try other resource? In github you can search, for example.

I updated my App using quotesondesign api-v4-0, but I have the same problem.

Is a CORS error? Is because my browser doesn’t take http request?
I know that sounds stupid, but If I run the API through Postman, it works! May I ask you why?