API URL Shortner Feedback

Hello fellow campers, I just finished the url-shortener-microservice-app.
You can find the app address here:https://deeply-skiff.glitch.me/
And the github project here: https://github.com/tannishk/API-Project-URL-Shortener-Microservice
I am not using database for persistence using array for implementation . Kindly give feedback on the same
Cheers and thanks, any comment is welcome!

Ok well can you check that the github link works.
Then can you save a link because the first one I tried was invalid.
This is what I tried to save https://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/raw/4060606/

You are missing the last “e” in your github link

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Altered @lasjorg Thank you


I’m wondering… Why didn’t you use a database? By using an array to store the shortened URL you’re missing the point of your app INMO. If I enter a URL and I want to use your service to share the shortened URL with friends, they may not open the link instantly, and if that happens, chances are that the short URL won’t work as your Glitch project will go to sleep. Even if it’s on a “real hosting” it might reboot the system sometimes and all your data will be lost.

I really think you should use a database or some kind of persistance in your data.

Other than that, you app works as expected to me. Congrats!

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i saw your solution
i also did the same with array
but i’ve problem if the short url is 1
then in the params
req.params.shorturl is undefiend
any other number just work fine
except one are this happened to you