APIs and Microservices Projects - File Metadata Microservice ( Everything works well)

Hi everyone!

If someone is stuck, just take a look on my project:

LiveApp: https://wagni-file-metadata-microservice.glitch.me
Github: https://github.com/Walf-dev/API-Project-File-Metadata-Microservice

Everything works well! :+1:
I’ll be grateful for your feedback :wink:

Happy coding!

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Please do not create duplicate topics for the same challenge/project question(s). This duplicate topic has been unlisted.

Thank you.

Edit: Apologies, they looked so similar, I missed that they were on different projects.

Sky020 I apologize for this confusing theme. :pray:
The next I will avoid it :hugs:

Excuse me, are you still around here? I have some questions. I will wait if you answer. Thanks!

Yes go on.
I will be happy to help you.