APIs (basic Node, NPM, Express) Repl.it Link Not Working

This is my repl.it: https://repl.it/join/mqgzwcvd-themagicbean

I am using the live link to submit: https://boilerplate-express.themagicbean.repl.co

Not passing tests. It did before. Even adding /now to the request will result in the app returning the current date and time as JSON, so it seems to be working.

(It used to pass the author test, but it no longer passes anything.

Can someone tell me what I am overlooking?



Your package.json has some invalid code:

    /*"moment": "2.10.2" for later challenge */
    /*"moment": "~2.10.2" for later challenge */
    /*"moment": "^2.10.2" for later challenge */
    /* last challenge is to remove moment */

AFAIK, JSON doesn’t support comments :slight_smile:.

Thank you but even without the comments, same problem.

It works for me:


The author challenge that fails it’s because you’re using a different boilerplate. The boilerplate required for Basic Node and Express is different from the one in Managing Packages with NPM, so it’s OK for it to fail the tests from the other one.

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Yup. No idea why the repl used to work for the express challenges, but re-forking and starting over worked on that side too. Thank you.

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