API's for Travel Data in USA (Hotels, Things to do, Attractions)

Hi all,

I’m building a USA roadtrip app in Vue JS while I’m travelling here in America. I picked Vue because it’s so nice to use and easy to get started, plus it’s super powerful and extremely well documented :slight_smile:

So far I am successfully using the Yelp API, Google Maps and Google Places but would like to add more, can anyone help?

Anyway, I’m struggling to find a decent (and free) API for travel data, namely Hotels and Things to Do. I’ve tried the following and either had no response, or was denied access for personal use:

  • Zomato (deprecated)
  • TripAdvisor (never got back to me)
  • Expedia (never got back to me)
  • Google Places (lame API for ‘Places of Interest’)
  • Booking.com (part of Expedia)
  • Lonely Planet (deprecated)

Can anyone recommend a decent and free API to use, mainly for USA data?

In my search for hotel APIs I have found only one API giving unrestricted open access to their hotel database and allowing you to book their hotels:

Expedia’s EAN http://developer.ean.com/

Yeah me too, but they never respond — i applied for access numerous times!!

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what about this ?

Cool, thanks so much I really appreciate it. I guess I’ll just have to change tactics a bit, but I’m sure I can make it interesting and relevant. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Thats a very good and having nice info about road trip and also I am planning trip through / so if anybody live in spain and want to road trip to USA so please PM me