API's for Travel Data in USA (Hotels, Things to do, Attractions)


Hi all,

I’m building a USA roadtrip app in Vue JS while I’m travelling here in America. I picked Vue because it’s so nice to use and easy to get started, plus it’s super powerful and extremely well documented :slight_smile:

So far I am successfully using the Yelp API, Google Maps and Google Places but would like to add more, can anyone help?

Anyway, I’m struggling to find a decent (and free) API for travel data, namely Hotels and Things to Do. I’ve tried the following and either had no response, or was denied access for personal use:

  • Zomato (deprecated)
  • TripAdvisor (never got back to me)
  • Expedia (never got back to me)
  • Google Places (lame API for ‘Places of Interest’)
  • Booking.com (part of Expedia)
  • Lonely Planet (deprecated)

Can anyone recommend a decent and free API to use, mainly for USA data?


In my search for hotel APIs I have found only one API giving unrestricted open access to their hotel database and allowing you to book their hotels:

Expedia’s EAN http://developer.ean.com/


Yeah me too, but they never respond — i applied for access numerous times!!


what about this ?


Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options out there. Expedia and TripAdvisor (Owned by Expedia), along with pretty much every other major travel website I’ve looked into, will not offer API keys for their travel data unless you can provide justification that you are a credible application developer who can drive business to their website.

The US Government has a wealth of APIs available to the general public, and although I don’t think you can get flight availability, hotel reservations, etc., you might find some of these data sets useful for a road trip. Walkability Indices, Road Conditions, Traffic and Weather Cameras, Travel Warnings, and the list goes on: https://catalog.data.gov/dataset?q=travel

Sounds like a fun project, good luck!


Cool, thanks so much I really appreciate it. I guess I’ll just have to change tactics a bit, but I’m sure I can make it interesting and relevant. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile: