Appending issues?

I’m trying to append when I click something, but instead the value is undefined and it’s no longer a Li that I’m appending.

Any help?

The return value of the .append method is undefined (that’s just written into JavaScript):

            /*  <-     this part is undefined    ->   */


// results in:


To avoid appending undefined, you can split it up, for example like this:

  const li = document.createElement('li');
  li.append('Hello') // this would also work: li.textContent = 'Hello'
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So basically don’t combine append() into one another right?

Basically, yes. But you could use a different method, this for example would work:


Reason being that .appendChild returns the element it has appended. You can’t use it to append a text string, only DOM elements. Once that method has returned the li element, you can chain .append to add the text.

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Thank you my good man, appreciate it

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