Appending Variables to Strings can u explain?

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ok so here is the code i got finally. and it went through. can anyone explain why it needed to be adjectives and such?? i know its part of the programming and all. but like i have been bad at english grammar junk for as long as i can remember. so was wondering why did the code go through like it did??

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// Example
var anAdjective = "awesome!";
var ourStr = "freeCodeCamp is ";
ourStr += anAdjective;

// Only change code below this line

var someAdjective = "awesome!";
var myStr = "Learning to code is ";
myStr += someAdjective;

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the name of variables are completely arbitrary when you code your own algorithms, but the challenge instructions ask for specific variable names, and you need those variable names to pass the tests

is this that was bothering you?

or what else?

seems to be a theme on the lessons atm. i just noticed that. thanks again