Applied visual design issue: Gradual CSS Linear Gradient


why this beloew code snippet is not passing the test case in


_  div{ _
_    border-radius: 20px;_
_    width: 70%;_
_    height: 400px;_
_    margin: 50px auto;_
_    background: linear-gradient(35deg,_
_      #CCFFFF, _
_      #FFCCCC_
_    );_
_  }_



try putting the colors all on the same line

Well, you have used linear gradient, and specified the the direction in deg, its okay but a better and simple way is using to-left, to-right ,etc. Just try once.

thanks. it worked but i didn’t undestand the logic of writing on the same line

the reason is because the challenge is running code to test your answer against a pre-specified answer. Sometimes the test allows you to have extra (unexpected) spacing but most of the time it is best to stick to a traditional way of writing code to allow the test to recognize your answer.