Apply a Style Until a Condition is Met with @while

Apply a Style Until a Condition is Met with @while
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I have already submitted an issue on github as I think it is a bug, just thought if anyone here can spot anything wrong here with my solution, or can make this problem pass, if so, I can close the issue…

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<style type='text/sass'>
    $x: 1;
  @while $x < 11 {
    .text-#{$x} { font-size: #{5*$x}px;}
    $x: $x + 1;

<p class="text-1">Hello</p>
<p class="text-2">Hello</p>
<p class="text-3">Hello</p>
<p class="text-4">Hello</p>
<p class="text-5">Hello</p>
<p class="text-6">Hello</p>
<p class="text-7">Hello</p>
<p class="text-8">Hello</p>
<p class="text-9">Hello</p>
<p class="text-10">Hello</p>

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I think this exercise in general is buggy. I’ve tried it your way as well as

.text-#{$x} { font-size: 5px * $x;}

and neither work. Even though if I look at it, either way, in the Chrome elements inspector, it shows it exactly as it is looking for.


This I guess is a browser issue, because it passes successfully in Firefox but not in Chrome.

Try a different browser, and it should work.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: