Applying toggle function to multiple buttons


I would like to apply the toggle function I have in line 42 of the attached pen to each of the groups of buttons on the right hand sides of my page (the function is just working for the very first button at the moment). I did try it for a few more of the consecutive button by adding the onclick function to those and including a loop (see bottom of JS code), but I saw some unexpected results (like every single button turning green).

Would someone be able to set me off in the right direction with this please?

So, if I am correct, you do want the buttons to turn a different color or have each button as a different color. Correct?

Hello, I want each button to turn green (only), if that individual button is clicked and also to be able to be ‘toggled back’ to the original colour…

Alright, try making differant functions, for example:

<button onclick="toggle1()" id="button-1">toggle this button</button>
<button onclick="toggle2()" id="button-2">toggle this button</button>
function toggle1() {
 // code to determine whether the button was clicked previously
// same thing as toggle1() here

that is a building block/example, if it is not correct or you want me to do the data items let me know

thank you.

What I was actually wondering though is if it’s somehow possible to apply the same toggle function to the buttons rather than giving them all different names (and functions, since there are so many), e.g. by using a loop and a shared class name…

oh you can add this:

function toggle(buttonname) {
// code to determine if the specified button ("buttonname") was clicked

you can also have a single callback

function changeColor(event) {
   // in here, is the button clicked, you can change the color of that element'greenButton')

buttons.forEach(button => button.addEventListener('click', changeColor))
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Many thanks, I am currently trying this but I think I am a bit confused.

In my case I have numerous pomodoro buttons all with a class of ‘pomodoro-btn’ and IDs of ‘pomodoro-btn-1’ etc., but in the changeColor function above, I need to target an individual button (by ID say), so would that not affect things when it’s called in the next piece of code?

Applying the code you gave, this would give:

function changeColor("click") {
  let pomodoroButton1 = document.querySelector("#pomodoro-btn-1");

let pomodoroButtons = document.querySelectorAll(".pomodoro-btn");

pomodoroButtons.forEach((pomodoroButton) => pomodoroButton.addEventListener("click", changeColor));

I know I am missing something fundamental in my understanding of this, but if I am targeting a specific button in the first piece of code, how can that work if that same code is then called for all the other buttons when the function is called in the second piece of code?

I hope the way I have phrased it makes (some) sense

it works because you are adding the class only to the specifc button that is clicked, you use so that only the clicked button is changed

you are not using

also, syntax error:

a string can’t be function parameter

ok, thanks. I thought I had to substitute values in for event and target and did not realise that ‘’ itself was a property. I clearly need to read more around this topic, but thanks for the help, it’s all working as hoped now.