Are cypress tests gonna be deprecated eventually?

Hi everyone, I am a test engineer looking to improve my test automation skills. So I am searching for an open source project that I can contribute to. My search let me to freecodecamp, which I already know is an amazing resource for new devs like me.

I noticed that freecode camp has cypress and playwright tests. But for cypress, it feels like the long term plan is to replace cypress with playwright. I read this issue here:
Remove Cypress · Issue #52905 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub. For context, I have basic coding skills already and have done some cypress tutorials before. I am familiar with assertions, selectors etc. I do not have any experience in playwright yet.

I have some questions:

  1. Is it better worth my time to try to contribute to playwright? After getting an answer from the community, I will read the relevant setup guide to try to get started.
  2. Are there any team meetings or discord VCs that is worth joining for new joiners? (or does all the conversation usually happen through PR reviews, forum posts etc).
  3. Are there many ‘good first issues’ for playwright tests? Or have the playwright tests been largely written already?

Many thanks in advance. I want to develop my test automation skills and I hope I can hit two birds with one stone, I don’t just want to do a tutorial but also gain real world experience as well (that can be recognised).

Depending on the answer to question 3, if there aren’t many opportunities for the newbie (me) to get started, I will try to take my search elsewhere. It’s a forest of open source projects out there and to be honest, I haven’t found an easy way to find ones that require test automation. Of course, I can create my own portfolio projects but it’s just not the same as working with people and doing real contributions.

Anyone have any feedback?

Hey @philipw

Thanks for asking, and sorry about the late reply. I’ll try to cover some of these and I am hoping others will fill in.

  1. Yes - we are moving completely off of Cypress and start using Playwright for all our end to end testing. The initial goal was to cover all the cases that Cypress covered and then add more/better test cases. You are welcome to look through the threads and see if you are interested in something.

    But the general idea is we want really good tests in Playwright going forward.

  2. We prefer working async. Discussions mainly happen on the issue and PR threads. You are welcome to join our discord server to get quicker feedback if you wish.

  3. Search is your best friend here, but I am pretty sure we may have run out of dedicated “good first issues”. We created this during hacktoberfest: Hacktoberfest: E2E Testing with Playwright · Issue #51705 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub - you are welcome to check if the list is completed.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to freeCodeCamp. If you have further questions do let us now.