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I seem to have solved the condition of addTogether(5)(7) which I struggled to fully understand, but the last conditional test of addTogether(2)([3]) is giving me an output of 23?

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function addTogether() {
if (arguments.length === 1 && typeof arguments[0] === "number") {
  let y = arguments[0];
  return function(x) {
    return y + x


} else if (arguments.length === 2 && typeof arguments[0] == "number" && typeof arguments[1] == "number") {
 let result = arguments[0] + arguments[1];
 return result;

} else {
  return undefined



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Challenge: Arguments Optional

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this one execute there,
you don’t check the types, and 2 + [3] involves type coercion, makinn it string concatenation

also, not call the function inside itself

like this

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Solved, thanks @ilenia! :smiley: