Arithmetic_Arranger - Need Help Please! - .repl Test Arrangement Failure


I have completed the Arithmetic Arranger in my local environment, it worked fine, everything checks out.

I have copied the following:


I used VSCode and everything works fine and displays fine on VSCode terminal
I used ATOM and everything works fine and displays fine on ATOM terminal

Used CMD and it displayed fine
Used GITbash and it displayed fine

When in REPL I get 2 failures both related to display/Arrangement…
I’m lost need some help/tip/explanation

Link to repl code:

Appreciate it. Thanks in advance


As far as the error resulting in Error: Operator must be '+' or '-'. - take a closer look at the relevant condition check. Are you sure the result of this check is the way you expect (or the way you want)?

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Hi Sanity, thanks for pointing that out… made a change in that line of code…

However still getting the same error messages

Function is not returning what it should. Notice that when there isn’t any error, it returns just the answer of the first problem.

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There were some improper indents in my code, perhaps when I pasted it from ATOM.

Now it shows whole problem set (2 problems) but still failing test.
What am I doing wrong, or what am i missing here.

SOLVED - Fixed the issue… extra spaces after each problem… used .rstrip() to clean up each row… Test Passed

Thanks for the tip/guidance sanity

Link to repl

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